On the net since 1994. Still don’t know what I’m doing.


A personal website with no commercial interests whatsoever. Still re-formatting this site, as I’ve recently changed host.

Please bear with me!

Anything I’m selling. I’m fed up with the prices fleabay charge, and their comrade in arms, PayPal.

One of my heroes.  He saved the world from nuclear Armageddon! Really!

A few images

My local aerodrome. Some really interesting old photies! Again, help yourself, but please credit me.

What happens when you pay a cowboy to train you to paraglide. Some of my interests

Things that...

Some crackers in here! All family friendly.

Got fed-up with losing manuals, so I’ve put a few here. Help yourself.

With the advent of really cheap GPS devices, a really good, fun way to use them.

Radio control aeromodelling. Some photies from the old days.

A rip on asylum seekers, or ‘axle huggers’ as my daughter calls them...

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(Anything on a website that contains an @ gets hammered by SPAMMERS/bots. Bugger, innit?)

A Giant Revive semi-recumbent I’m currently playing with. Probably go for 750W electric conversion, soon.

Black Bat cnc

Well old, this. WuFlu keeping me locked down, so no excuses, eh?