About me

Welcome to my site.

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I’m a retired engineer with too ┬ámuch time on his hands…

I love to play with my machines, currently a CNC lathe, laser, mini router & of course, the inevitable 3D printer (now two!).

I offer personalisation to the highest degree of accuracy. All items on show, here, are available, just email me. I won’t have a shop, if anything interests you, drop me an e-mail, and we can figure something out. I normally just ask for a decent amount of beer money!

Laser cut wood items can be produced in a completely finished state, or can be produced in a flat-pack version, for your assembly, TBD.

Everything can be posted, I just ask for the cost of post & packing.

All my items can be found on my Products page. As an aside, I am happy to offer spares, in case of breakage (some items are really delicate) for nominal sums, sometimes even free!

Friends & family discounts apply!


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My terms:

I endeavour to keep you happy by supplying you with a product you expect. My postal charges are cost only, blame the Royal Mail.